© 2003 Anthony Mazzella

Recorded in 2003, this extraordinary CD combines the fine art of finger style guitar with an ensemble of guest musicians on bass, drums, percusion, native American flute and cello. Unity is all original music influenced by a spectrum of global inspiration.

Anthony Mazzella
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{saudioplayer}http://music.anthonymazzella.com/01 Free Spirit.mp3{/saudioplayer} Free Spirit

{saudioplayer}http://music.anthonymazzella.com/02 Movin On.mp3{/saudioplayer} Movin On

{saudioplayer}http://music.anthonymazzella.com/03 Altar of the Goddess.mp3{/saudioplayer} Altar of the Goddess

{saudioplayer}http://music.anthonymazzella.com/04 In out of the Woods.mp3{/saudioplayer} In out of the Woods

{saudioplayer}http://music.anthonymazzella.com/05 Breaking the Mold.mp3{/saudioplayer} Breaking the Mold

{saudioplayer}http://music.anthonymazzella.com/06 Canyonlands.mp3{/saudioplayer} CanyonLands

{saudioplayer}http://music.anthonymazzella.com/07 To the Shore.mp3{/saudioplayer} To the Shore

{saudioplayer}http://music.anthonymazzella.com/08 Serpents Under the Cross.mp3{/saudioplayer} Serpents Under the Cross

{saudioplayer}http://music.anthonymazzella.com/09 Into Forever.mp3{/saudioplayer} Into Forever

{saudioplayer}http://music.anthonymazzella.com/10 Omnipotent.mp3{/saudioplayer} Omnipotent


Buy it you'll love it!
author: musiclover

This is definately an album for your music collection. The array of music performaces are outstanding. The guitar techniques are intense and masterful.

author: Maestro

This is a truly gifted composer, musician. What a talent and I'm thrilled someone informed me about this album. It's a must have for all you music loveers.

author: artist

If you enjoy the wonders of a fabulous guitar player this album is for you. It covers many styles and methods of performance and is truly a magical find. Buy it. You won't regret it!

What a great album. Mazzella is so good and I love listening to him.
author: Natalina Allen

I love Anthony Mazzella's music. He is so charming and such a good entertainer. He should go far and make a hit. What else can I say except he's the best.

Overwhelming CD
author: musicenthusiast

Anthony's original compositions on Unity are truly a joy and thrilling to listen to. Treat yourself to the pleasures of this CD.

Wow and Wow!
author: Lee

I never want this CD to end -- Anthony has a wonderful gift, awesome creativity, and seemingly endless talent. His music is always a treat; buy the CD - you won't regret it!

author: Betty Boo

Awesome, awesome, awesome! This CD is the next best thing to seeing Anthony live. For anyone out there considering buying this - do it, you won't regret it!

author: Sedona Fan

Anthony Mazzella is an incredible musician -- and this is an incredible album. His live solo performances are spellbinding, and listening to "Unity" is the next best thing.