Flagstaff Live

The words "Electric Fingerstyle Guitarist" do not effectively describe Anthony Mazzella. Simply put, Mazzella is a virtuoso. He takes the guitar and makes it do things it wasn't intended to do.

Mazzella's show demonstrated his range as a guitar player. The opening set was comprised mostly of originals with titles like "Azalea," "Adolescence" and "Regression." It was fascinating to see how he brings an abstract thought to musical form. After the originals, Mazzella played a couple of cover songs. Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" transformed a single guitar into an entire band coming from his nimble fingers. It was amazing. After a short break, Mazzella moved on to some flamenco-influenced arrangements. Regardless of what he played, I was mystified.

Mazzella grew up in New York and started playing guitar at age thirteen. He played in rock and heavy metal bands in clubs until he learned "all the Eddie Van Halen solos" and felt as if he had nowhere to progress. He found a new challenge in classical guitar and flamenco. The new format allowed him to expand his music much further.

We here in Northern Arizona are lucky to have the opportunity to see this guitar master.

--Jason Campbell, Flagstaff Live